THE MAN -- Sebastien Lagree was born in Paris, France, and spent his early years in Portland, Oregon, where he began his life-long celebration of physical fitness and personal well-being. He graduated from the University of Seattle (MBA) before moving to Los Angeles to open his first studio in 2001.


Lagree's approach to fitness training has always emphasized a workout experience that delivers an intense, comprehensive program in the least amount of time. His approach -- "The Lagree Method" -- works every muscle group to the point of absolute fatigue -- "failure" -- before moving on with the workout. It offers the rejuvenating properties of Pilates and, then, moves far beyond to encompass strength training, cardio, endurance, balance, core, and flexibility benefits. Most workouts last 40 minutes, although a 25-minute program is being developed.


Shortly after opening his first LA studio, Lagree determined that more effective workout equipment needed to be designed -- "The Performer" -- that could guarantee optimal exertion with a minimal risk of injury. His original innovative design has since evolved three times -- "The Megaformer". It should be noted that "the Method" is the only workout regimen to earn U.S. patent approval with related patents and trademarks pending.


In twelve short years, "The Method" has inspired a worldwide following. Its effectiveness and efficiency has also become the workout-of-choice for countless celebrities and professional athletes. A network television documentary is being planned for 2015.


THE MACHINE -- Megaformer 3 is an innovative, state-of-the-art evolution of the Pilates "Reformer". It is ten feet long and weighs 250 pounds. The "Method" workout integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance using a system of springs and pulleys. The sequence allows for zero gravity at peak muscle contraction while encouraging maximum exertion and minimal risk of injury.


According to Lagree, "The Megaformer's technology is designed to deliver an unparalleled, total body experience that is more related to an intense, low-impact version of Crossfit, than Pilates. One can expect to break a sweat in the first 30 seconds of the workout".


THE SCIENCE -- The Method/Megaformer workout is precise and effectively efficient. It allows the body to transition seamlessly from each exercise while maintaining a constantly elevated heart rate. Muscles are challenged to confront eight fitness imperatives -- 1) progressive exertion overloading; 2) slow, controlled movement without exertion momentum; 3) effective intensity -- maximum exertion/minimal stress on joints and back; 4) multiple muscle/simultaneous exertion; 5) constant muscle exertion/tension; 6) excess post-exercise oxygen consumption; 7) intrinsic muscle strengthening/improved body composition; and 8) effective muscle stimulation of all 4 motor unit types.