Dawn Grande 

 -- Owner & Certified Personal Trainer


A longtime resident of Irvington, New York, Dawn has shared her joy of well-being to Westchester County individuals and organizations for more than seven years. Accordingly, she could not be more pleased to announce plans to open her state-of-the-art, fitness studio -- "Method" -- at 49 Main Street this coming February.


The opening of Method's doors will trumpet the arrival (finally) of the Lagree Fitness Method to the lower Hudson Valley area. Lagree Fitness (LF) has been called "the ultimate, core strength workout". It is the next generation of holistic, fitness regimen designed for men and women -- efficient, effective, safe, ever-challenging and fun. LF delivers a total body workout that integrates strength, endurance, cardio, balancing and flexibility training on one mega-machine -- the Megaformer (TM).‎


Dawn became passionate about Lagree's "evolutionary approach to hyper-fitness" after reading a feature story in Time magazine. Her interest was quickly magnified by a supporting article entitled "The Ultimate Strength Workout" by Dr. Mark Greenberg of the University of California, San Diego. She, then, visiting with Lagree, and, with all good speed, became a certified LF trainer. Why? "I had been searching for a workout experience that would build strength and ensure alignment and balance -- without adding excess bulk. I was really, really ready for a whole-body workout that would push me beyond my comfort zone, and still be great fun. LF is, and does."


Dawn could not be more excited about this new venture, and the unique opportunity to introduce LF and its Megaformer to the area. Simply stated, she is committed to the notion that physical fitness correlates directly with good health, and, ultimately, with personal happiness. As she has often concluded, "What could be a more satisfying adventure -- or, more meaningful mission ?"